The Shop is The Private Theatre’s artist development program.

From exploring your own artistic aesthetic through devised work to innovative fundraising and producing, our methods focus on energizing what makes you unique as an artist and giving you the tools to become powerfully independent. 

Last year we brought you The Shop, a two-day deep dive into creativity and devised work. Now, we're expanding The Shop to include more specialized workshops in self-producing, fundraising,  movement, insight art, devising, and inclusive theater-making. The workshops will take place throughout the month of July, and can be taken as one-off sessions or mixed and matched. Stay tuned for details and how to register.

Overlapping Circles: Becoming All-Inclusive Theatre-Makers with Chuk Obasi and Evan Cummings

How can embracing diversity and inclusion become part of your natural identity as a theatre-maker? In this workshop we will explore and begin to break down barriers that create challenges for artists engaging with unfamiliar, uncharted, or simply diverse communities and identities.

Freeing Your Mind's Process in Movement and Gesture with Vieve Price and Chuk Obasi

This workshop is dedicated to exploring the power and freedom in gesture and movement for expressing your conscious (or subconscious!) efforts to make sense of - and articulate - significant life experiences, circumstances, values, and goals.

Devising Theatre with John Gould Rubin and Vieve Price

Devising Theater is a three-class workshop intended to introduce participants to the collaborative and imaginative fundamentals of devising their own theatrical work.

Produce It Yourself with Adriana Rossetto and Sarah Wharton

Produce It Yourself is your crash-course to self-producing - how to build a roadmap for your project from start to finish, how to raise the money to do it, how to ask the big picture questions and then getting familiar with the nitty-gritty. The final session will include a round table with director/producer John Gould Rubin, Production Manager Libby Jensen, Producer/Executive Director Sarah Wharton and Producer/Development Director Adriana Rossetto. 

More details and registration instructions to come soon!

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We ran our first iteration of the shop in September 2018.

Our curriculum included:


The Devising element of the workshop will focus on artistic creation. You will be lead through a series of exercise that build on each other, helping you create unique works aimed at expressing who you are as an artist. 

Insight Art

Insight art provides a carrier that expands and enhances the flow of curiosity and cooperation in the artist and the audience. By engaging in Insight artistry, you will learn to wonder about, wrestle with, and identify how you are using your mind when you are making meaning and creating art. 


The Independent Art-Making element will endeavor to make you comfortable with the concepts and practice of presenting your work to audiences, funders and your broader communities. You will explore how language shapes who you are and you will explore the linguistic code that resonates, excites and illuminates you in the way that defines you uniquely and authentically. 


The Movement element is designed to help you discover how to use your body while making art. You will engage in group-devised physical improvisation. You will explore how to transform narratives through movement, and augment or replace words with physicality.