We hope you enjoyed our recent production of Playing with Fire: Based on the Play by August Strindberg. Read more about it below.

Check back with us soon to find out more about our upcoming productions.

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire had a limited run August 17-24, 2012, at 189 Chrystie Street in New York. This reworking of August Strindberg’s bold and unusual 1893 one-act comedy focuses on the themes of sexual frenzy, illicit coveting, exhibitionism, voyeurism, wife swapping and licentious fantasy. The frenetic sexual activity that is merely suggested in Strindberg’s original text was brought to life by an eclectic group of 14 actors, in a multi-media landscape involving pre-recorded and live-feed video; explosive music from two composers (one from Bristol, UK, one from Hong Kong); high-energy choreography; and a full-scale environmental manipulation of the entire venue of the show. Adapted by Royston Coppenger and developed in collaboration with dramaturg Shane Bly Killoran and director John Gould Rubin, our production was a unique, multi-disciplinary collaboration of the artists with whom we were privileged to work.


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