Kaelyn Ambert-Gonzalez for #roccochelseaadriana

Kaelyn Ambert-Gonzalez is a graduate of the BFA Acting Conservatory at Purchase College. Recent credits include the film Angelfish (Peter Lee) and INTAR’s Unit 52.

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What is the most important thing to you personally about being an American?

From an early age my family constantly reminded me of all of the opportunities we as Americans have that others do not throughout the rest of the world. In the current political and social climate of our country, it’s very easy for me to focus on the negative and forget the freedoms I do have to chase those opportunities, but I must try to remind myself to give thanks for the freedoms I do have.

 What most excites you about America or being an American?


 What is a challenge you are currently facing (in terms of being an American, or within the context of your American identity)?

I don’t know what box to put myself in so people can understand what I am. I shouldn’t have to.

 How do you want to see yourself?

 As my most honest and present self.